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From the desk of Glenn Martin, Founder & CEO

Every now and then, technology comes along that has the potential to make a major difference in our lives.  Sometimes it is revolutionary, sometimes evolutionary, but always it provides a "eureka" moment when you see the potential and the enormous impact that it can have on all of us.  Senior Connect is one of those technologies.

We all know that our fathers, mothers and other loved ones want to live normal lives as they age, and remain in their homes for as long as possible.  But over time, this can become more and more difficult. As physical and mental faculties begin to diminish, more help may be needed to age in place.  Eventually a point may be reached when some kind of alternative care is required.  Ask your parents whether or not they are looking forward to that day.

SENIOR CONNECT can help delay that moment.  Believe me, I know this personally.  When my father who was living in Montreal had been diagnosed with early onset dementia, I felt the ability to be a part of his daily caregiving to be an ongoing struggle  when living so far away.  Unfortunately I only found this revolutionary technology after he had passed away.  While SENIOR CONNECT would have made a difference in his home care when he was alive, it is now helping my 85 year old mom stay in her home alone while giving both my brother and I peace of mind that she is safe and living independently.  

My mom starts every morning by pushing the "I'm OK" button on her SENIOR CONNECT tablet touchscreen.  This sends both my brother and I a text that advises us that she is up and ready for her day.  If we don't receive a text between a certain time frame, we get notified so that we can reach out to check on her. During the day, my mom can simply touch a button on the screen and initiated a video call with a family member or friend and engage in a conversation as if they were sitting together in her living room.  This has also been an effective way for her grandchildren to connect and engage with her on a regular basis using their own technology, whether it is a cellular phone, a tablet or a computer from wherever they may be.  In addition, we can instantly share pictures and video with her so that she regularly feels part of our daily activities.  As my mom gets older and her needs change, the system can also help her with medication reminders, daily schedule of events and even monitor her movements in the home in a non-invasive way.  If something were to go wrong, the system will reach out and contact my brother and I, no matter where we are!  It does not even rely on her being aware of the problem, or taking any actions whatsoever to have the system call for help.  I can't begin to describe for you the peace of mind that SENIOR CONNECT has given our family.

So why SENIOR CONNECT?  In spite of all the technology out there today, this system was built for and with seniors in mind.  No computer skills are required to guide them through the easy to use all-in-one touchscreen tablet.  More importantly, SENIOR CONNECT can help you keep your loved one safer and happier living in the residence of their choice.  That's important.  That matters!  SENIOR CONNECT allows you to balance your role as a caregiver with all the other responsibilities you have in your life.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and learning about SENIOR CONNECT.    My team and I will do our best to ensure that SENIOR CONNECT helps give your family the same peace of mind that it has done for mine. 

Sincerely Yours,

Glenn F. Martin

Founder & CEO

Full Circle TeleCare™

We Believe In...





We believe seniors and individuals with disabilities should have an elegant way to communicate with their families and manage their own care – even if they’re not comfortable initially at using technology. 





 We believe seniors  and individuals with disabilities  should be able to join everyday online conversations with their friends and family – without worrying about technical configuration, spam, scams, or advertising. 


Aging Safely


Aging Safely

We believe seniors can be kept out of hospital and living independently by engaging them in their own care and allowing family and caregivers to receive alerts based on their activity – ensuring a couple of missed medications don’t result in a trip to the ER. 

Customer Promise





Our goal is to make your life easier so we try to produce the best possible products. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but when that happens we promise to address your concerns as quickly as possible.  Our Job is to Earn Your Business Every Day! 





Your privacy is our top priority so you can rest assured that any information managed by Full Circle TeleCare is safe and secure. You own your information and we promise never to sell, rent, loan any of your data. 





We promise to respect you, your loved ones and clients, so we will be upfront and transparent about our pricing. No hidden surprises. 

Presentation Video

Zoom Meeting Presentation to Epilepsy Toronto regarding Assistive Technology & Remote Support for Independent Living - April 9th, 2020.

Media Video

Radio interview with Christine Bentley and Kate Wheeler host of "What She Said" on The Jewel 88.5 in Toronto. 

Remote Support Video

Example of Remote Support

Remote supports is a service available today to Ohioans under their Technology First Initiative. It uses electronic equipment, including the Family Connect Technology, to support and assist people with developmental disabilities in their home. This service is provided from an off-site location.


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