Video Calls


By selecting the video call feature, the screen fills with small profile pictures of pre-programmed family, friends, Caregivers, Family Doctor - whoever the user wants to stay in touch with.The user simply, touches the picture of the individual they want to call, the video call is initiated, connecting the users via a clear, safe, video connection allowing them to communicate with one another. Keeping your relative socially integrated with whoever…whenever….so no more loneliness. 

Secure Messaging


The user is notified when they have received a new letter which will open on the screen for the user to read.The user can reply via their stored contacts small profile pictures.The user  can use the touch screen keyboard, or plug in a keyboard if preferred. The system is completely safe as anyone that has not been added to the system cannot contact the user. Keeping your relative socially integrated, so no more loneliness. Letters from the GP, District Nurse etc are all archived within the system ready to be recalled at any time. 

Photos & Video Sharing


An effective way for your loved one to engage with the system is to add family photograph albums and personalised YouTube content of memorable occasions. SENIOR CONNECT can link to family members Facebook accounts, making it seamless for any authorised Facebook user to share their pictures or videos on the system. This makes it simple for the younger generation to keep in touch and socially integrated with elderly relatives. Personalised YouTube content can be viewed via the Video icon on the system, this could include family weddings and vacations.  Photos can be uploaded via the SENIOR CONNECT App to the user’s system at any time.

Daily Schedules and Prompts


The daily schedule can alert the user to take their medication, prompt them to make a cup of tea, or take their sandwich from the fridge at lunch time. The system can also show a ‘picture prompt’ on the touch screen for example “time to watch TV”, a picture of the remote control, with arrows showing the correct buttons to press. Banners can appear across the bottom of the touch screen at set times, for example…. Its July 18th, 2017, it's your son Matthew Birthday, video call him to wish him many happy returns, these banners can be pre-set to appear at predetermined times.

Games & Music


Music is very powerful for individuals with dementia, music taps memories not lost to dementia and can bring participants back to life, enabling them to feel like themselves again, converse, socialise and stay present. SENIOR CONNECT has a jukebox icon where the individual’s favourite music can be stored.Under the Games icon, favourite games are preloaded, such as mind games like Suduko or fun games for grandchildren to enjoy so that they engage with the grandparent. 

Secure Use of Websites


A myriad of information can be provided  

at the touch of a button from the world wide web. Whether it's favourite football team’s sites, flower arranging sites, cooking with Martha Stewart, internet banking or online shopping, the user simply presses the title of their interest and SENIOR CONNECT takes them straight to their web page of interest. No computer skills needed, each system is setup bespoke for the user from the initial assessment, allowing them to enjoy a wealth of knowledge with just the touch of a button.


Medication Compliance


SENIOR CONNECT can help the user with medication management, with prescriptions being added to the system, and linked to the daily schedule.  At planned times, the system will prompt the user to the their medication with the dosage and display a picture of the prescribed medication.  Rules can be assigned to the medication prompt, for example when the individual is prompted and then presses the screen to confirm that they have taken their medication, if the door sensor on the cupboard where the medication is kept has not opened within 5 minutes a message the primary carer.


Care Plan / Care Notes


Within the caregiving section of SENIOR CONNECT, the Caregiver logs in with their own 4-digit code, this logs the time and date, then there is a list of pre-entered tasks within the Care Plan for the family member or the PSW / RN needs to complete. As the tasks are completed they are ticked to confirm they are complete and for accountability. There is also a section called Care Notes, this is where notes can be added and circulated to the Caregivers for that individual. There is also a reports function within Care Plan/Notes so that you can select a date range and print all the care notes if required. 

Rule Based Alerts


SENIOR CONNECT can have simple "Rules".  We often feel guilty or worried because we have busy lives and worry whether Mom or Dad have taken their medication or whether Dad has returned home after taking the dog for a walk at night. This is where SENIOR CONNECT simple to use Rules are applied. For example, by applying a rule to an activity sensor we can be alerted if the rule is breached, our rule could be “if Dad leaves the house after 10:00pm and has not returned home by 11:00pm send an alert."

Health Assessments


SENIOR CONNECT has built-in health assessments.  For example, if the user has a condition such as Diabetes the system can be set to prompt the user to take an assessment each day which consists of a series of 5 multiple choice question which will determine how that person is. The results can be emailed to a family member, a Caregiver and / or a health professional allowing them to check the results and intervene if necessary “early intervention, can result in prevention”. If the score from the assessment was low, then this would allow the person to check the reports on the system to see if they had been taking their medication, or eating and drinking. 

Telehealth Devices


SENIOR CONNECT works with most telehealth devices. For example, the system can be set to prompt the individual to take their blood pressure.The user would take the blood pressure cuff, wrap it around their arm and activate the machine, once the machine has taken the reading it alerts the user that the reading is successful, the user touches the 'accept' and the reading is stored. If the user is being monitored by a doctor, he / she can set, High, Average and Low readings, to these readings a rule can be set to email or text the doctor if the reading is on or below the Lowest reading. The system can be used for weight problems, urinary infections and so much more. 

Soothing Music / Video


Music is very powerful for individuals with dementia, musical favourites tap memories not lost to dementia and can bring participants back to life, enabling them to feel like themselves again, converse, socialise and stay present. Music can also be therapeutic and can help empower people when carrying out an exercise routine. We can link several yoga and exercise videos with music to encourage the individual to take their exercise when prompted by the system.

Activity Monitoring

Door / Window Sensor



Dad normally walks the dog at 10.00pm for 20 minutes, if he has not returned by 11:00pm an alert would be sent to the neighbour, the children and his primary caregiver.


Using a door sensor, we setup a rule to state that if the door is opened after 10.30pm and has not been reopened and closed by 11pm an alert would be sent to via text/voice call or email to the individuals noted above.

Wandering Sensors



We suspect that Mom's routine starts to go out of sync between 11:00pm and 7:00am when she starts wandering around, going downstairs, making drinks numerous time throughout the night, opening the fridge or opening the external door.


If excessive movement is detected over a period of three nights then an alert will be sent. This can also be backed up with, if the exterior door is opened between these times any night to alert the individual that “it's 3:00am go back to bed”.  The system would also send an alert to a neighbour, a family member or primary caregiver.

Temperature Sensor



Mom has not been feeling well for the last week but refuses to go to the doctor claiming she only has a cold.  Notwithstanding she continues to turn up the heat as she can't get warm.


If the temperature in the house exceeds 23 degrees Celsius (73 Fahrenheit) or drops below 17 degrees Celsius (63 Fahrenheit), the system would send an alert to a neighbour, a family member or primary caregiver.

Emergency Pendant



Mom has had a few falls around the house where she is too weak to get herself back up.  She is too afraid to use a pendant connected to a Personal Emergency Response System as she doesn't want 911 to be called and break down her door.   


Mom can wear an emergency pendant or wristband connected to the SENIOR CONNECT system.   The pendant / wristband can be programmed such that an alert can be sent out to a family member, and / or neighbour and / or primary caregiver advising them she has a non-medical emergency and needs assistance. 

I'm OK Button



Dad's normal routine is to sit at the breakfast table between 6:00am and 9:00am. every day and read the newspaper or watch the morning news.  If would be nice to know if he is up every day and to let us know everything is OK. 


IF I'm OK (On Screen) is pushed anytime then send a text, voice call or email to a family member(s) or primary caregiver with a note advising them "Dad has checked in for the morning."  IF I'm OK (On Screen) is NOT pushed from 6:00AM-9:00AM then send a text, voice call or email to a family member(s), a neighbour and / or primary caregiver with a note advising them "Dad has NOT checked in for the morning.  Please check on him".         

Video Door Camera



Mom and Dad are in their late eighties and are nervous about answering the front door when they don't know who is there.  It would be nice if they could see who is there once they hear the doorbell ring. 


If Mom and / or Dad hear the doorbell, they can go to the SENIOR CONNECT system and push the Video Camera icon to see who is at the door at which point they can decide to answer it or not.