Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Service Related Questions



You don’t need to worry about a thing! We will work with you and your family members to customize the unit to your specific needs based upon your concerns, condition and requirements.  If you live in the GTA area, we can come to your home and set it up the system for free.  If not, we can ship the unit to your home and walk you through how to connect your system to Wifi.

How do you address privacy and consent issues?

We work with the individual and his/her support team to set up a system that is appropriate for their needs and preferences. We recommend a written informed consent for all individuals prior to begin services. We highly recommend to avoid using cameras in private areas of the home such as bedrooms and bathrooms.  

Is the SENIOR/FAMILY CONNECT™ Service Customizable?

YES.  The system is completely customizable and individualized to the user's concerns and requirements. A team  expert will work closely with you and your family members to assess current conditions (health and living) to help you decide on a comprehensive support plan. 

Does this Replace My Primary Caregivers?

NO.  SENIOR/FAMILY CONNECT is an additional layer of support and monitoring of your health. We work with your primary support worker(s) and physician to ensure the best support plan is in place. Your physician still remains in control of your medical health. 

Who has Access to My Medical Information?

The Ontario Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA) regulations require that the client have ultimate say in who has access to their medical records. There are different degrees of access that can be granted to family members and friends. Furthermore, your medical information remains on the system and not in the cloud on a third party server.

What if I Have Existing In-Home Care?

The system can be used by a third party home care provider to track and follow your loved one's individualized Care Plan and to document Care Notes as required.  

Whether you are currently receiving in-home care from your Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) and or a third party private home care service, all of your caregivers can be given access by way of a personalized PIN code to the password protected Caregiver section on the SENIOR/FAMILY CONNECT system.

Tech Related Questions

Do you recommend using cameras in bedrooms and bathrooms?

NO - We highly recommend that cameras ONLY be used in common spaces like a living room or kitchen.  

How long does it take to set-up the System?

We can have a system customized and ready to use within 48 hours of being ordered.

In order for this to happen, a detailed questionnaire needs to be completed so that we program the unit specifically for you.

Upon receipt of the unit, you just need to plug it in and add the Wifi password.

Do I need Internet Service at the Location of Install?

YES.  The only thing you require is to have wireless internet available at the location of install. No internet, No problem.  We can provide you with a wireless Wifi unit for your system for a low monthly fee.

Can I Update and Change Information After I Set Up the System?

Certainly! You can make most changes yourself through the secure website or if you prefer, simply just give us a call letting us know what information you wish to change or update. Unlimited changes and updates are included at no extra cost! 

Can Family and Caregivers Log in Using their Cellular Phones, Tablets or Computers to Stay in Touch?

Yes, your care circle can stay connected using the web portal which can be accessed from any internet connected phone, tablet or computer.   If you have an Apple device, you can also log-in through the ISO App. which is available in the App. Store.  A new Android App. will be made available shortly.

What Happens to the SENIOR/FAMILY CONNECT System in the Event of a Power Outage?

As with all electrical devices, the system would shut down, but the SENIOR/FAMILY CONNECT Cloud can notify all caregivers via Email and Text that the system has powered down and then will re-notify when the system is powered back on. The system will not lose information if it is turned off but it will not be able to communicate with sensors etc, until the power is switched on again.

Also, the system can be set-up to turn at certain time of day i.e. 6:00AM and turn off at another time i.e. 10:00PM.  In between those times, the screen comes back to life by simply touching it.

Other Questions We've Been Asked

Is my Parent Really Ready for SENIOR CONNECT?

 SENIOR CONNECT has the perfect balance between support and independence. We allow your loved one to live at home longer independently. Our support plans are customized based on the needs of your loved one making it perfect for people needing all different levels of assistance.  

Is SENIOR CONNECT just for Elderly People?

 Not at all. SENIOR CONNECT can help to improve the quality of life for a broad range of people. It helps to increase independence while improving social connectivity for people with: physical or learning disabilities, autism, Down syndrome or the initial early stages of dementia.    

I'm ordering the System for My Mom, But I Want to be the One Invoiced for It. Is this Possible?

 Yes. Simply give us your billing instructions and we would be happy to bill you instead of the person using the system.